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A solid and durable target retrieval for external use with a maximum length of up to 50m. It has been designed so that the trolley with the target is hidden inside the profile, thanks to which it can be used in various weather conditions.

This device is equipped with a solid and very strong holder that will easily hold the wooden target base.


Control is via a touch screen with a clear interface. Thanks to it, in a simple and convenient way, you can move the target to any distance in the range of 1-50 m. With the press of a button, you will send the target to the desired distance and recall it back to the starting point.

An efficient motor supported by an inverter will ensure the appropriate speed when the trolley with a target covers the distance. A precise encoder will accurately calculate the desired distance, and magnetic sensors will ensure safety.


The target retrieval system is powered by three-phase current and can be ordered in two versions: 25m and 50m long.


Standard equipment:

  • Track consisting of special profiles and holders for hanging them in previously prepared supports, as well as a return wheel and a rope;
  • Trolley with target holder;
  • Drive with encoder and magnetic sensors;
  • Control box with integrated touchscreen, large start/return button and emergency stop button.


Assembly method:

The installation of the target tracks comes down to attaching the supplied brackets to the existing supports, to which the profiles should be screwed. Insert the trolley, tighten the rope, connect the power supply. At the stand, in a convenient place for the user, attach the control box. The installation ends with adjusting the system settings according to the instructions.

Target retrieval TAR-50


    Total track length 25 m or 50 m

    Voltage 400V

    Control touch screen + button on the control box

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