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WaspaECO targets are fully made of environmentally friendly raw materials. They do not contain carcinogenic elements derived from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), including dangerous benzoapyrenes.

Tests confirming the lack of harmful compounds were carried out by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification S.A., Testing and Certification Department in Piła, Test report no. BP.PL/474/19/JF.

WaspaECO - Standard type


    Diameter: 110mm (+/-1mm)

    Weight: 105g (+/-5g)

    Height: 25-26mm

    Packing: 150 clays in a box, 6000 on pallet


    The clays are shipped on pallets only. They are delivered by carriers with a car with a lift for efficient and quick unloading.

    A maximum of 6,000 clays can fit on one pallet.

    Personal collection of any number of boxes available.

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