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WASPA Rabbit Pro is a clay throwing machine that will surely provide a varied experience for every shooter.

Rabbit Pro throws clays from a completely vertical angle through parabolic, down to the clays rolling on the ground imitating running rabbit. The throwing angle is adjustable by a single wing nut so its change is simple, quick and requires no tools.

Depending on the selected version, Rabbit Pro works with Rabbit 98mm diameter clays or Autorabbit 110mm diameter clays. The Rabbit 98mm clays though are cheaper and offer better performance in terms of e.g. achieved throwing height. The built-in one-way bearings prevents vibration and extends lifetime of other components, and the large wheels make it easy to transport this trap in rough terrain.



All WASPA™ traps are equipped with a number of safety supporting systems. One of them is the protection against an impact from fast moving throwing arm.



We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of our products. We are constantly trying to improve our products and adapt them to the growing needs of market. Construction elements are precisely cut with waterjet and powder painted or galvanized.



We designed a construction that is very durable, yet light. Some elements are made of aluminium, which further reduces the weight of the device.



    Clay capacity 240 clays

    Throw angle from horizontal, all the way to vertical

    Changing the angle manually

    Recocking time 4.0 seconds

    Voltage 12V, 230V or 400V

    Control wired

    Weight 70 kg

    Clays type rabbit 98mm, 90g or autorabbit, 110mm, 120g (depending on the selected version)

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