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WASPA Rabbit Compact is a new throwing machine that is a cheaper and simpler alternative to Rabbit PRO. Unlike the PRO trap, Rabbit Compact throws only clays rolling on the ground, without the possibility of changing the angle of throw.


This trap can be used in all sort of parcours setups.


It is equipped with a 280 Rabbit 98 diameter clays magazine. The built-in one-way bearing prevents vibrations and extends the life of the components, and the large wheels make it easy to transport the trap in rough terrain.

Rabbit Compact


    Clay capacity 280 clays

    Throw angle rolling on the ground

    Recocking time 4.0 seconds

    Voltage 12V, 230V, 400V

    Control wired

    Weight 70 kg

    Clay type rabbit 98mm, 90g

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