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A double-sided hare model with a hit signaling system.

Our innovative control solution based on an inverter, guarantees long-term and troubleless operation of the device, as well as high comfort of use and safety.

Hitting a 16x12cm target is signaled by an immediately appearing flag, which is automatically hidden at the end of each run.

In a 6-meter window, the model covers the route in about 1.5 seconds.

The run is controlled by a wired remote control with the option of stopping the model at any place.


Standard equipment:

The set consists of a complete track with a length of 12 meters (3 meters for acceleration / deceleration on each side and a 6-meter window for the shooter), a motor and inverter, a rope, a trolley with a silhouette and a wired remote control.



The installation of the running hare requires concreting the track in accordance with the guidelines. It is necessary to lead the three-phase installation to one of the ends of the track (by default, the motor is located on the left hand side of the track).

Running HARE


    Run speed 6 m / 1.5 seconds

    Total track length 12 m

    Shooting window 6 m

    Hit signaled by flag

    Voltage 400V

    Wired control

    Weight 160 kg

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