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Running boar silhouette with a mechanism of automatic rotation at the end of the course, thanks to which the model is always correctly positioned to the direction of the run.

Our innovative solution for controlling the run based on an inverter, guarantees long-term and troubleless use, as well as high comfort and safety.

In a 10-meter window, the model covers the route in 1.5 - 2.5 seconds.

The run is controlled by a wired remote control with the option of stopping the model at any place.

At the ends of the track, a double electronic safety stop switch as well as emergency stop.


Standard equipment:

The set consists of a complete track with a length of 16 meters (3 meters for acceleration / deceleration on each side and a 10-meter shooting window), a motor and inverter, a rope, a trolley with a silhouette and a wired remote control.



The installation of the running boar course requires concreting the tracks in accordance with the guidelines. It is necessary to lead the three-phase installation to one of the ends of the track (by default, the motor is located on the left hand side of the delivered track).

Running BOAR


    Run speed 10 m / 1.5 - 2.5 sec.

    Total track length 16 m

    Shooting window 10 m

    automatic direction change of the run

    Voltage 400V

    Wired control

    Weight 400 kg

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