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The LHV240 is the most advanced thrower of the professional Eagle series.

It has two additional motors responsible for the vertical and horizontal movement, which enables the LHV240 to present a full range of clay flight path.

The throwing angle change is smooth and automatic. Energy consumption is minimised thanks to the built-in timer that stops the thrower's movement after a specified period of time. It also helps to maintain the life of components.

This trap is equipped with buttons that enables the user to turn off horizontal and/or vertical movement.

The standard equipment includes a set of one-way bearings to eliminate vibrations caused by the action of the main spring after releasing a clay.

Our devices are designed in such a way as to minimize maintenance activities. The warranty does not require periodic warranty services carried out by authorized services. Maintaining your launcher comes down to regular cleaning and lubrication.

Key Features:

  • Knife separation system;
  • Built-in protections to prevent motor overload;
  • Safe trap release button;
  • Minimized energy consumption.

Eagle LHV240


    Clay capacity 240 clays

    Throw distance up to 75 m

    Throw direction variable horizontally and vertically

    Recocking time 2.0 seconds

    Voltage 12V, 230V or 400V

    Control wired (30m)

    Weight 95 kg

    Clays type standard, 110mm, 105g

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