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WASPA Eagle LH240 is a professional and fully automatic clay target throwing machine.

Here, the horizontal throwing angle is being automatically changed, by a dedicated motor, where a new angle in the range +/- 32 degrees is being set each time after a clay is sent. Manually set vertical angle is fixed.

The Eagle LH240 is an alternative to the fully wobbling trap. It can be used in the popular DTL (Down the Line) competition, in which a fixed height of the clay flight path is required.


FITS FOR DTL (Down The Line)

The WASPA™ Eagle LH240 fits into the rules of popular competition – DTL (Down The Line). The clays are thrown with a variable horizontal angle while maintaining a constant vertical angle.



All WASPA™ traps are equipped with a number of safety supporting systems. One of them is the protection against an impact of fast moving throwing arm.



We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of our products. We are constantly trying to improve our products and adapt them to the growing needs of market. Construction elements are precisely cut with waterjet and powder painted or galvanized.



We designed a construction that is very durable, yet light. Some elements are made of aluminium, which further reduces the weight of the device.

Eagle LH240


    Clay capacity 240 clays

    Throw distance up to 75 m

    Throw direction horizontally variable

    Recocking time 2.0 seconds

    Voltage 12V, 230V lub 400V

    Control wired (30m)

    Weight 90 kg

    Clays type standard, 110mm, 105g

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