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The WASPA™ Cwerg S30 has been designed for small shooting clubs and novice shooters who want to improve their shooting skills. This trap is small and light, which certainly makes it easy to move and setup in various areas, and the low price makes it affordable for everyone.

It can also be successfully used in any application on a parcour shooting range. The Mounting Plate, which is part of the optional equipment, allows you to use the trap without fixing it to the ground.

The Cwerg S30 is made of the best materials ensuring long-term use and complete satisfaction, where a two-year warranty is proof of that.

The standard equipment includes a 20m long release cable.



The biggest advantage of the WASPA™ Cwerg S30 is its simplicity. It is light, compact and easy to use, which is why it is suited for amateur shooting, self-training etc. Pack the Cwerg S30 into your



We make every effort to ensure the highest quality of our products. We are constantly trying to improve our products and adapt them to the growing needs of market. Construction elements are precisely cut with waterjet and powder painted or galvanized.



This throwing machine is equipped with one way bearings which function is to prevent the whole machine from vibrating when the clay target is thrown. It has a significant impact on maintaining the service life of many components.

Cwerg S30


    Clay capacity 50 clays

    Throw distance up to 50 m

    Throw angle fixed (manually set)

    Recocking time 4.0 seconds

    Voltage 12V

    Control wired (10m)

    Weight 25 kg

    Clays type standard, 110mm, 105g

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